Our Expectations from Students & Parents
Expectation from Students

At all the times, the student needs to be focused.

The student should be mentally ready for hard work.

Hard work cannot be done unless the determination to do is inculcated. entering the portals of Impulse Academy, automatically & necessarily implies that the student is very clear in his/her mind that he/she wants to enter into the IITs or NITs or in a Good Engineering/Medical College with a good rank, and is therefore, he / she determined to do it.

With the high level of competition of the Entrance Exams for which the Best brains compete, means that unless the student is serious about his / her vision, the goal would be almost impossible to achieve.

Sincerity, Honesty & Dedication in Studies, Tests etc. is Must.

Two support systems are in place for the student. One, at the home – where all the worldly requirements are taken care of, eg. food, clothes, fees etc. The other support system is academic, which we take care of the only work left for the student is to concentrate on achieving the goal.

Time management of self study needs to be planned carefully & adhered to it strictly. If necessary, the teacher /counseling cell will help the student.

Optimum use of time means that all extra curricular activities should be minimized, or better still, postponed till after the JEE / NEET. It should be realized that the uses of Computers, Internet, Face Book & Mobiles are unnecessary waste of your valuable & precious time.

Each students is expected to keep his / her student ID card safely, and display it at all times when he/she at the Academy's premises

At IMPULSE ACADEMY we place a high premium on discipline and orderly behavior. We expect student to show respect to the faculty member and the office staff.

Expectation from Parents

Have full confidence on your child.

Every child has his / her mental caliber. some children take longer to grasp a concept while others may do it in a flash, and so on. Keep watching on the performance of your child. However, do not make comparisons with the abilities of other children, nor try to make the child to copy the methods of other children for better results. Your child will perform the Best as per his/her mental caliber. He / she should be encouraged, not Pressurized, to do more hard work to compensate for the lack of performance.

If the child is actually serious. He / she will automatically make optimum use of his / her time. Small breaks during self study will occur & necessary also. However, if you feel that the child's behaviourial pattern is deviating too much from normal, please get in touch with our counseling cell.

It is possible that because of the child's study routine, your social life may suffer. A little sacrifice can go a long way to help the child.

Parents should not pressurize the student to attend public functions, like marriages or other family get-together etc. It is possible that the child might want to utilize that time in self study, and that is more important, attending out of town family function by missing classes is viewed very seriously by us. We also advice you not to request leave for your child /ward on such occasions.

We expect parents to get in touch with us, from time to time and exchange views regarding the child's performance & behavior.

A periodic student performance report is sent to parents, where the marks and cumulative rank structure is detailed .