General Information
  1. Identity Card
    1. Laminated stamped Identity card with batch and Student ID (Enrolment No.) will be issued to each admitted student. Every student must produce his/her I-card while entering into the institute's premises. Student without I-card will not be allowed to attend the classes. Fine of Rs. 20/- per day will be charged from the student who forgets to bring I-card on a particular day. Duplicate I-card will be issued on cash payment of fine of Rs. 200/- incase if a student losses I-card.
  2. Admission Kit-
    1. After admission, student can collect admission kit from reception.This kit consists of study material, bag & dress Material of 2 sets of uniform.
  3. Uniform-
    1. To avoid social-economy difference, to imbibe social, moralvalues and to eliminate disciplinary problems associated with street cloths and open dress code. IMPULSE ACADEMY has its uniform policy for the students. IMPULSE ACADEMY will provide two sets of cloths of uniform to the student which has to get stitched at his/her own. For winter season students will buy a pull over of navy blue color at his/her own. Wearing ajeans / T-shirt inside the premises is strictly prohibited & such students will not be allowed to enter into the Class.
    2. Please note that uniform is compulsory. Student not wearing uniform will not be allowed to enter even inthe institute premises at any cost.
  4. The Classes -
    1. Batch wise classes will be held in Morning or Evening sessions (Classes for integrated school program classes will be scheduled in evening)
    2. Classes will be held daily for each subject. Duration of a class is 1to 2 hrs depending upon the course. There is a breaks of 5 Min.b/w 2 classes.
    3. Revision/ Special workshop / Extra - Classes are also arranged for selected topics for the benefit of students as per requirement.
  5. Teaching Methodology -
    1. Our teaching methodology is unique and our mainfocus is on developing the analytical skill & thinking ability of the student. We try to instill knowledge in such a way that the student should be able to apply the learnt concepts in unseen problems / questions/situations.
    2. We do not only try to provide excellent content but also put in a lot of effort in delivery of the content. Emphasis is given on in-depth understanding of the subject through solving a large variety of problems after providing sufficient theoretical input. In addition to the stated academic goals, we also attempt to inculcate virtues like discipline, hard - work and self-reliance among students—
    3. Our teaching Methodology includes the following - 1.Detailed theory Classes, 2. Daily Practice Problem Sheets (DPPS) & in-chapter exercise, 3. Doubt clearing classes, 4. Class Tests, 5.Scheduled Test Series & Test analysis sessions, 6. Test Results and Mark sheet with average and cumulative rank, 7. Seminars, individual counseling and teacher-parents meeting for improvement of level of the student.
    4. The teaching methodology incorporates the latest Pattern in subject matter.Thus, the teachers are completely up to date with whatever is happening in the academic world & specially in their subject. The aim is to ensure the best possible results depending onthe basic potential of the student and his/her ability to work hard.The students is taught, to inculcate determination and focus on goal. Here ,the support systems of both,the parents and the academy, play a major role.
  6. Study Material-
    1. Students are provided course material specifically designed for each course having theoretical concept and home assignments. The course material along with school text books and suggested reference books are sufficient for the preparation and typically student would not need any other academic resource.
    2. With the rigorous study schedule that the student has, he/she may not have time to consult a library or read supplementary reference books. to ensure that the student gets complete knowledge in one capsule, our study material has been so designed that it incorporates all the necessary aspects of knowledge of a particular topic.
  7. Our Faculty-
    1. We have a team of highly experienced faculty member & most of them are engineers ,Doctors and Ph.D Holders from reputed universities/ Colleges of the country with successful teaching experience and they have mastery in their respective subject as many of them have over a decade of experience to teach JEE-Main & Advanced and A1PMT (Inold system of IIT-JEE,AIEEE) aspirants.
  8. The periodic Tests & Result (Performance monitoring and Reporting) -
    1. There are tests conducted at predetermined regular intervals, exactly on the pattern of JEE-Main & Advanced and AIPMT. These would be followed by test analysis sessions. This not only gives the student a feedback, but also develops the examination temperament. Apart from tests ,In-chapter Quizzes and Revision/ Surprise Tests are also held regularly in the class.
    2. We conduct CBT, IMT (Main)/IMT (Medical) & IMT (Adv.) 3 types of Test series for each JEE-Main & Advanced & AIPMT (Foundation/Fresher) course & CBT series for school plus course. Test series consists of Minor,Major & Full Syllabus Tests based on latest pattern of examinations. While for junior section i.e. for (8th, 9th & 10th) we conduct OPT (Objective pattern type) and SPT (School pattern type) Test Series. Detailed schedule of Test series will be given to the student at the time of admission..
    3. Result of each Test is provided to the students. Mark sheet has detailed analysis of student's performance is also made available online on our website: www.IMPULSE to parents & student. Result is also sent to parents through SMS to acquaint them with progress of their ward.IMPORTANT: parents can see performance of their ward on our website by using student ID to get feedback about their ward; parents may meet our Course Coordinator / Director / Manager in person or telephonically at any time. Parents can also make phone call or do email to know the performance of student.
  9. Personal Attention & Counseling cell-
    1. Ultimate Personal Care of each individual is a distinctive feature at IMPULSE ACADEMY. Which differentiate us from others.
    2. We believe in keeping an eye-to-eye contact with each student so that we can monitor individual's progress. IMPULSE ACADEMY'S faculty members remain available to students (even outside the class) so that the students may consult them for their maximum benefit.To give personal attention we do the followings : 1.Small Batch size to maintain eye to eye contact with each individual. 2. Doubt clearing classes for solving individual doubt. 3. Test Series and feedback to individual to develop Test taking skills & improve speed, accuracy & examination temperament. 4. Open sessions provide student an opportunity to share his/her difficulties with our management and teachers so that timely guidance can be given. 5. Regular counseling & seminars to guide the students on issues like efficient learning, time & stress management, maximizing output etc. Inseminars, students are also guided on various examination and career relatedissues. During counseling individual problems of student are tackled by our experienced faculty team and academic advisors. Students are also educated to manage non-academic personal problems efficiently so that they can concentrate more on study. 6. Easy access to top management so that student can meet any faculty and director any time.
    3. At IMPULSE ACADEMY, we have a separate counseling cell which includes people with a lot of experience inthat field. These counselors, sometimes ,act as a buffer between the student and the teacher. Because of continued concentrated studies & hardwork, the student may not actually recognized the stress he / she is carrying or the minutes changes in behaviors, our support system is geared to handle this.
  10. Problem solving Counters -
    1. After the class, student can immediately discuss individual queries/problems through the problem solving counters. Our Faculty member also remain available at problem solving counters as per the time schedule displayed on Notice Boards and student can also come any other time to discuss his/her individual doubts. This feature of IMPULSE ACADEMY is to provide individual attention.
    2. Although the teachers makes all efforts to make the students understand the concept & their applications, still many doubts remain in the minds of the serious students. There may be some problem that need to be solved. At IMPULSE ACADEMY, the student can contact the subject teacher with prior appointment and clear the doubts .To that extent, a separate area has been identified for such consultations.
  11. Online Student-Parent Zone -
    1. Performance of all tests and quizzes are graded and ranks are defined. These reports are send periodically to the parents, to informthem of their child's performance.These reports can also be viewed on our website, www.IMPULSE
    2. On our website www.IMPULSE ,there is a "Student-Parent Zone " which provide a range of information regarding student . Parent/Student need to enter "Student ID" of the student to login. Here you will get the following information related to students.-
      1. Daily attendance status of student ,
      2. 11.2.2 Students fee Deposition status,
      3. 11.2.3 Students Mark Sheet
      4. 11.2.4 Questions wise Test Analysis
      5. &
      6. 11.2.5 Solution to exercise sheets etc.
      We are continuously adding features init and we believe it is very helpful tool for parents / student.
  12. Parents-Teacher Interaction There are periodic parent-teacher meetings. However, apart from these, we encourage the parents to meet subject teacher as and when it is convenient for both. These meeting are necessary. Not only from the performance point of view, but also from the behaviourial pattern of the student. Hardwork and determination may sometimes, have an effect on the routine behavior pattern, leading to worry for both, the parents and the teachers. Thus the student may require counseling.
  • Board Preparation
    1. Itis no secret now that coaching centres and hubs concentrate on their classroom teaching from the competitive exams point of view only . Since the New JEE- Main& Advanced system require an excellence in School/ Board Examinations also, so we schedule our program in such a way that the Students can concentrate on school/ Board studies as well. The teaching program at IMPULSE ACADEMY is so designed that it incorporates both, the Board and the competitive points of view. Thus, the student does very well in the X/XII Board as well as able to enter into IITs / NITs or into a good Medical College with a good rank.This is very unique feature of IMPULSE ACADEMY.
    2. Classes for the English language are held regularly at no extra cost.
    3. Practical are also conducted in our laboratories under the guidance of expert teachers .Thus ,the children get a first hand experience of what they learned in the classroom and it also acts as a supplement for their Board practical.
  • The Communication Support :
    1. we communicate all important activities/Informations related to the student & examination details through Notice Boards & SMS System.
  • The Feedback System : we have a unique Feedback system so that we get timely inputs from our student and can deliver the best education,