Foundation Course
Details of Foundation Course
Phase - 1 Phase-2
*BS - Basic (English Med.) - after X Exams *MR- Micro (English Med.) - after X Result
*AD - Aadhar (Hindi Med.) - after X Exams *SM-Sukshma (Hindi Med.) - after X Result
S. No. Particulars Phase-1 (after X Exams) Phase-2 (after X Result)
  Course Name Basic - English Med. / Aadhar- Hindi Med Micro - English Med. / Sukshma - Hindi Med.
  Target Exams JEE (Main +Advanced) / NEET-2019 + KVPY + School / Board Examinations
  Eligibility Class X Appearing / Appeared Class X Passed (with Min. 6.0 CGPA/ 60%)
  Who should Join? A student appearing / passed in Class -X Board Exam in 2017 with strong academic background especially in Science & Mathematics.
  Medium of instruction English & Hindi (Separate Batches in Hindi Med. in both Phases)
  Course Duration 45 Weeks 40 Weeks
  Course Commencement

1st Batch - 28.03.17 (Tuesday)
2nd Batch - 04.04.17 (Tuesday)

3rd Batch - 11.04.17 (Tuesday)

Last Batch of phase-1: 18th April,2017(Tuesday)

1st Batch - 23rd May,2017 (Tuesday)

2nd Batch - 30th May, 2017 (Tuesday)

3rd Batch-06th June, 2017 (Tuesday)

Last Batch of phase-2: 13th June,2017(Tuesday)

  Course Ends (First Year) 15th February 2018 15th February 2018
  Admission Process & Dates of entrance Tests Admission trough Entrance Test scheduled as follow: for Phase 1 :29.01.17 |05.02.17 | 12.02.17 19.02.17 & 26.02.17 Admission trough Entrance Test scheduled as follow: for Phase II : 21.05.17 |28.05.17 |04.06.17 11.06.17 & 18.06.17
  Course Fee (in Rs.) for Academic Session 2017-18 *ln lump-sum Mode : 103,500 (Inc. Service Tax @ 15%)
*ln Installments Mode : 1,09,250 (Inc. Service Tax @ 15%), Two Installments only,
1 st Instalment (at the time of admission) : 76,475,
2nd Instalment : 32,775 (after 2 Months of admission)

Course Concept

This course is one of the best Course for JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET preparation because of the longest time availability as compared to other courses. The syllabus moves at a comfortable speed and the student can learn and practice the subject with enjoyment without any stress and time pressure along with school / Board Studies.

This course carefully sets the students on a charted path,which begins immediately after the class X Board's Exam or after classX Result. The Motto of this course is to develop Concrete foundation of concepts & fundamentals, and also to sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills ofthe student, which is essential to succeed in competitive examinations.

In addition to JEE - Main & Advanced /NEET preparation, this course also takes care of academic requirements of School / Board exam preparations, after joining this course student need not to take any tuition for school/Board studies. Initially,the course begins with fundamental study as the students are not exposed to the syllabus and pattern of JEE (Main & Advanced) & NEET.

Course Description (Structure)

This Course is designed for those career conscious students who want to take a lead & start preparing for JEE (Main & Advanced)/NEET just after their class X exams or after Class X Result. This two years legendary course is perfect and unmatched in its rigor and precision. The course is so devised that concepts are dealt with gradually gathering momentum in a such a way that the stress level doesn't become painful.

Statistically speaking student who starts preparation just after class X are more like to succeed in competition, if you think you are bright, capable and think that you can make it to the top then Foundation course is precisely for you.

The entire course is divided into two academic sessions. (I Year & ll year)

l Year (along with Class XI) :During the first academic session, The JEE - Main & Advanced /NEET Syllabus which is common to school syllabus of class XI, will be taught to the students.This syllabus is scheduled to be finished by Mid of February 2018. During the months of February & March- 2018, the students will be given a break (vacation) of around 30-40 days from the institute. During this period,the students take their annual exams of class 11th in their respective schools, however support will be available till the last paper of school exam.

II year (along with class XII): On the basis of performance of the students in internal test series in I Year, they will be promoted to II year of the course (in Fresher Course) in the first week of March 2018. Fresher course (along with XII) will be started in the last week of March 2018. Fresher course (along with XII) & the complete revision of Class XI syllabus also (from competition exams point of view) will be finished by the mid of January 2019. Then Students will be relieved from the institute to focus on their Class XII Board Examinations till the third weak of March 2019. We keep conducting problem solving Classes and Revision classes for students during this period.After Board examination, students will resume and revise their preparation for JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET through various types of Test series and Problem solving Practice Sessions till their final Exams (JEE-Mainor JEE-Advanced or even NEET).We will support the students till May-2019.

Course Content School / Board Exam's Preparation:
  1. Syllabus of School / Board (which is not common in JEE- Main & Advanced / NEET and Board will also be taught to the students.
  2. Classes for English are also conducted from school / Board examinations point of view.
  3. Arrangement will be made also to cover Physics, Biology, Chemistry practical.
Distinctive & Salient Features:

One to one interaction with faculty members in small batches. *Highly competitive but students friendly environment of the institute.

Admission Schedule


Phase & Batch


Phase-1 (Just after X Exams) Phase-2 (After X Result)
I Batch II Batch III Batch Last Batch I Batch II Batch III Batch Last Batch
Last Date of Registration 25.03.17 (Saturday) 01.04.17 (Saturday) 08.04.17 (Saturday) 15.04.16 (Saturday) 20.05.17 (Saturday) 27.05.17 (Saturday) 03.06.17 (Saturday) 10.06.17 (Saturday)
Date of Entrance Test fr Result 26.03.17 (Sunday) 02.04.17 (Sunday) 09.04.17 (Sunday) 16.04.17 (Sunday) 21.05.17 (Sunday) 28.05.17 (Sunday) 04.06.17 (Sunday) 11.06.17 (Sunday)
Last Date of Deposition of Fee 27.03.17 (Monday) 03.04.17 (Monday) 10.04.17 (Monday) 17.04.17 (Monday) 22.05.17 (Monday) 29.05.17 (Monday) 05.06.17 (Monday) 12.06.17 (Monday)
Course Commencement 28.03.17 (Tuesday) 04.04.176 (Tuesday) 11.04.17 (Tuesday) 18.04.17 (Tuesday) 23.05.17 (Tuesday) 30.05.17 (Tuesday) 06.06.17 (Tuesday) 13.06.17 (Tuesday)
Special Attention It should be noted that if some seats in a Batch remain vacant due to some reasons then more Entrance Tests may be scheduled on different dates (on Sunday). Such Dates will be published in our advt. in News paper, however on reaching at same level some or all Batches may be merged

Fee Structure

Course Name Fee Plan Course Fee Service Tax @ 15% Total Course Fee Total Fee Payable (including all Taxes)
Lump-Sum I Installment II Installment
Foundation Course (Class 11th) Lump-Sum Plan Rs. 90,000 Rs. 13,500 Rs. 1,03,500 Rs. 97,750 - -
Installment Plan Rs. 95,000 Rs. 14,250 Rs. 1,09,250 - Rs. 76,475 Rs. 32,775

IMPORTANT for Foundation Course :All the Students of Foundation Batch of academic session 2017-18 (all Phases) should note that if thev will reaister them on or before 1st November, 2017 for Fresher Batch (II year of Foundation course) of next academic session i.e. 2018-19. then they will get 10% Concession in the fee of fresher course of this session i.e. their fee for next year is Rs. 1,03,500/- only if they pay lump sum on or before 01/11/17 & if they want to pay the fee in 2 Installments then the amount of 1 installment will be Rs. 84,525/- (last payment date is 01/11/17) & II installment will be Rs. 36,225/- (last payment date is 01/01/18). Thus the students will be benefitted by two ways (i) they will get 10% concession & (ii) they will not be affected by any hike of Fresher's course fee of next academic session

Note (Must Read) How to get the Admission KIT (Information Brochure, Application Form & Enrollment form) for Foundation Course for academic session 2017-18 How to deposit course fee: Make a DD of total fee amount. Send or submit by post /courier or in person at institute office or submit/deposit in Corporation Bank: in the a/c of Impulse Academy's A/C No. 126901601000054 at any branch all over India (through DD/cash only).