Fresher (FR) Course for XII Studying

Course Fee

Course Fee Discription
Fresher (FR) Course for XII Studying Single Mode
120000 Rupees + 18% GST
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Installament Mode (4 Installament of 130000)
32500 Rupees + 18% GST per Installament
38,350 /-
Per Installament
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                                                                                                   Details of Fresher Course (for XI to XII Moving / XII Studying)                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                         SW-Swift (English Medium)
S. No. Particulars Phase-1 (Starts in last week of March) Phase-2 (Starts in last week of May or first week of June)
1 Course Name                                       Swift 1- English Medium                            Swift 2 - English Medium
2 Target Exams                                for JEE (Main & Advanced) + BITSAT + VITEEE / NEET + AIIMS - 2020 along with Excellence in XII Board Studies 
3 Eligibility                               Class XI Appeared/Passed (min. 60%)                     Class XI Passed (min. 60%)
4 Who should Join?                                     XI to XII Moving / XII Studying Students with strong academic background especially in Science & Mathematics
5 Medium of instruction                                                                                                                English Medium only
6 Course Duration 45 Weeks + 6 Weeks 40 Weeks + 6 Weeks
7 Course Commencement

1st Batch - 26th March, 2019 (Tuesday)

2nd Batch - 02th April, 2019 (Tuesday)

Last Batch of phase - 09th April, 2019 (Tuesday)

1st Batch - 28th May, 2019 (Tuesday)

2nd Batch - 04th June, 2019 (Tuesday)

Last Batch of phase - 11th June, 2019 (Tuesday)

                                          Note:All the students of our Foundation batch will be Promoted into Fresher Batch without Entrance Test
8 Course Ends  First Phase ends on 15 November, 2019 then after JEE-Main (First). the second phase will go upto 20th May, 2020 for JEE-Main (Second) & JEE-Advanced
9 Admission Process & Dates of entrance Tests Admission trough Entrance Test ISAT (Impulse scholarship cum admission Test) held in November & December, 2018 after that on every sunday of January, February & March, 2019
10 Course Fee (in Rs.) for Academic Session 2019-20

*ln lump-sum Mode : 1,20,000/- + 21,600/- (GST@18% ) = 1,41,600/- 

*ln Installments Mode : 1,25,000/- + 22,500/- (GST@18% ) = 1,47,500/- (in 4 Installments- first installment is 31% other 3 installments are 23% each)

1st Instalment (at the time of admission) : 45,725 + II, III & IV Installments each of 33,925/- (each to be paid in form of 3 Post dated cheques at gapes of 2-2 monthd)

Note:All the students of our Foundation batch will be Promoted into Fresher Batch without Entrance Test if they confirm their admission up to 15.2.19

Course Concept:

This is an intensive Classroom-Coaching program spread over an academic year for the students who wish to prepare for JEE - Main & JEE - Advanced / NEET and simultaneously want to study the regular course of class XII Board. The course develops a sound understanding of the fundamentals, builds a logical & methodical approach to problem solving skills and enhances mental ability so that student can face competitive examinations with the supreme state of competence & confidence along with Excellence in Board Exams.

Course Structure:

This Course covers the complete syllabus of the JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET & XII Board and also the complete Revision of class XI topics which are the part of JEE-Main & Advanced / NEET Syllabus. In this course we teach the XII Board Syllabus & syllabus JEE (Main & Advanced) / NEET + AIIMS simaltaneously.We will complete it by the Mid of November, 2019. after that practice session for first JEE- Main (January) will be started in our computer lab. the practice session will be done on computes. The practice session will be over upto 31st December, 2019 and students will be relieved from the institute for their first JEE-Main of January. Which will be over by 3rd week of January, 2020, after that the course will be resumed for XII Board Exams till first week of February, 2020. and students will be relieved again for their XII Board Exams in March, 2020. after concluding XII Board Exams the Course will be resumed again for Second JEE-Main (April)  and JEE-Advanced (May). However for bio group the course resumed afte XII Board Exam till their NEET (May) & AIIIMS (June) Examinations.By this way we keep conducting problem solving and revision classes for the students during this period till the final examination of Boards & all related competitions. Students can revise their preparation for JEE- Main & Advanced / NEET through Comprehensive Test series & Problem solving Classes till their last competitive Exams whether it is JEE-Main or JEE-Advanced or NEET / AIIMS .We will remain with the students till the 31st, May 2020.

Course Content:

  • *Regular Classroom Coaching,
  • *90 minutes lecture which is further divided into DPP discussion of 15 min, Sheet Discussion of next 30 minutes & theoretical and conceptual learning of last 45 minutes.
  • *4 to 6 lectures per subject per week,
  • *Total 675 lectures (approx. 225 lectures in each Subject) in entire course. Approximately 1000 hours of Classroom Teaching.
  • *Periodic Test is conducted on every Sunday in a month in the form of Part Test & Cumulative Test & Review Tests in 3 test series i.e. PBT, IMT (Main) / IMT (NEET) & IMT (Advanced) in Minor, Semi Major, Major & Review Tests Mode. all Board pattern Tests (PBT) are conducted in pen & Paper Mode, while all othe test will be conducted in Computer Based Test i.e. in CBT Mode in our advanced ac computer lab
  • *Regular conduction of Doubt Classes.

School / Board Exam's Preparation:

  1. Syllabus of School / Board (which is not common in JEE- Main & Advanced / NEET and Board will also be taught to the students.
  2. Classes for English are also conducted from school / Board examinations point of view.
  3. Arrangement will be made also to cover Physics, Biology, Chemistry practical.

School Board Preparation:

(In entire year we teach the syllabus of  Full Syllabus of XII Board along with the syllabus of ompetitions for JEE (Main & Advanced) and NEET / AIIMS)
  1. Syllabus of XII Board (which is not common in JEE- Main & Advance /NEET and Board) will also be taught to students.
  2. Classes for English are also conducted from XII Board examinations point of view.
  3. Arrangement will also be made also to cover Physics, Biology, Chemistry practical.
  4. After joining this Course Students need not to take any tuition from any where, we'll take all care of Students.

Distinctive & Salient Features:

* Support of the largest online / offline testing plateform of Rajasthan.

*Course is designed in such a way that student may achieve success in JEE-Main & Advanced & in NEET/AIIMS along with excellence in XII Board examination without any stress & Pressure.

*Complete Class XI syllabus will also be covered from competitive examination point of view.

*Highly competitive but students friendly environment of the institute.

*Complete support for XII Board examinations (CBSE Board).

* One to one interaction with faculty members in small batches.

"Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects.

*The focus of the Course is more on concept building & gradual improvement in the performance of the students.

*Develops quick analytical thinking & problem solving skills.

*Good practice of JEE (Main &Advanced) & NEET /AIIMS problems which ensure the clarity of every Concept.

Admission Schedule:

Phase & Batch


Phase-1 (Starts in last week of March) Phase-2 (Starts in last week of May or first week of June)
I Batch II Batch Last Batch I Batch II Batch Last Batch
Last Date of Registration 25.03.19 (Monday) 01.04.19 (Monday) 08.04.19 (Monday) 27.05.19 (Saturday) 03.06.19 (Monday) 10.06.19 (Monday)
Course Commencement 26.03.19 - (Tuesday) 02.04.19 (Tuesday)- 09.04.19 -(Tuesday) 28.05.19 - (Tuesday) - 04.06.19 (Tuesday) 11.06.19 -(Tuesday)
Special Attention It should be noted that if some seats in a Batch remain vacant due to some reasons then more Entrance Tests may be scheduled on different dates (on Sunday). Such Dates will be published in our advt. in News paper, however on reaching at same level some or all Batches may be merged

Fee Structure:

Course Name Fee Plan Tuition Fee GST @ 18%           Total Tuition Fee Total Fee Payable (including all Taxes)  
   Lump-Sum             I Installment              II Installment                          III Installment                          IV Installment            

Fresher Course

(during Class 11th)   

Lump-Sum Plan   Rs. 1,20,000/-     Rs. 21,600/- Rs. 1,41,600/- Rs. 1,41,600/- - -    
Installment Plan  Rs. 1,25,000/- Rs. 22,500/- Rs. 1,47,700/- - Rs. 45,725/- Rs. 33,925/- Rs. 33,925/- Rs. 33,925/-

Note (Must Read before admission)-

  • The Fee Structure is for one-year only i.e. for Academic Session 2019-120 & applicable to all Batches of all phases of Fresher (12th) course at Banswara only.
  • The Total Tuition Fee includes Tuition Fee & GST @ 15 % on Course Fee.
  • The Total Course Fee is payable either in lump-Sum Plan or in Installment mode. In Installment mode Total Course Fee is payable only in 4 Installments (I, II, III & IV). The l-lnstallment is 31%  & ll, III & IV lnstallments shall be 23% each of the Total Tuition fee of Installment mode. It should be noted that I Installment shall be paid at the time of admission & for the rest II, III & IV installments. 3 Post Dated Cheque (at the gapes of 2-2 months of latter Date) shall be submitted at the time of admission.
  • lt should be noted that in case of not realization of the post dated Cheque of any Installment, on appropriate date, there is a penalty Provision of Rs. 100/- per day for late Realization of cheque or late deposition of  Installment.
  • There is a special fee concession provision of Rs. 5000/- in Tuition fee ,only if fee is paid in Lump-Sump Plan, (you can see it in fee structure shown in above table)
  • The Tuition fee is a package which includes Coaching Fee & other expenses like Study Material, Dress material, Infrastructure, Facilities,Administration & Management and several other academic / co-academic / non-academic activities performed during the academic session.
  • For concession in fee or Scholarship please refer our concession / Scholarship Policy.
  • The Rate of GST is subject to revision by the Govt, of India. Hence, the rate/amount of GST may increase or decrease in future and shall be passed on to the students accordingly. The students shall be informed at appropriate time about the same as and when the Govt, of India announces the change.

How to get the Admission KIT:

(Information Brochure, Application Form & Enrollment form) for Fresher Course for academic session 2019-20.

  • By Post/courier: Send a Bank DD of Rs. 1300/- (including Entrance Test Fee) in favour of 'Impulse Academy' and payable at Banswara (Rajasthan).
  • ln person: Pay Rs. 1200/- (including Entrance Test Fee) in cash/DD at institute's Office at Banswara.

How to deposit course fee:

1.    Make a DD of total fee amount. Send or submit by post /courier or in person at institute office or submit/deposit in Corporation Bank: in the a/c of Impulse Academy's A/C No. 510101003599662 at any branch all over India       (through DD/cash only).

2. you can also deposit the course fee by net banking or by credit card or debit card by using our secure payment gateway by using the link  'PAY NOW' on course fee details.