1. Fee deposit and Fee Refund Rules
    1. Fee Deposit Rules
      1. Cash is not accepted in the office for fee payment under any circumstances. Fee paid in cash, accept only in our account at Corporation Bank, Banswara Branch.
      2. The Fee will be accepted only by Demand Draft/Pay Order or in cash only once if the earlier Cheque has bounced due to any reason.
      3. The Cheque of II Installment should be Realized on due date. If it will not realize a Late fine as a penalty will be imposed which is Rs. 100/- per day for 10 days after that your admission will be Cancelled. And you will not be allowed / entered inthe class.
      4. Admission KIT (Application Form, Enrolment form. Information Brochure) is not transferable nor adjustable for any other student/Course.
      5. Admission is subjected to the realization of the Cheque/DD. Admission will be cancelled If the Cheque returns back for any reason.
    2. Fee Refund Rules
      1. There is No Fee Refund Rules at IMPULSE ACADEMY, once admitted in any Course of Impulse Academy No Fee will be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever. And No Request will be entertained in this regard. Because
      2. IMPULSE ACADEMY starts making arrangements of infrastructure, faculty & other resources 3 months before commencement of financial year. IMPULSE ACADEMY admits students as per its capacity plans (Subject to unforeseen circumstances & usual organization risks) therefore each student taking admission has to pay complete fee under all circumstances i.e. even if he/she discontinues for any reason whatsoever or parents / guardians be transferred. Not all students who apply in our Admission Test / Process are offered admission. Therefore you & Your parents have to be very sure before taking admission as you have to pay complete fee under all circumstances. Once a class starts IMPULSE ACADEMY does not admit any students. Therefore, any vacancy created by a students leaving cannot be filled up. Since IMPULSE ACADEMY has to source infrastructure, faculty etc in advance, loss of fees of students leaving after taking admission will compel the institute to enhance the fee for the students of next batch which is unfair to them.
        *Therefore, students / parents must clearly understand this important aspect and take admission only if they are fully satisfied because No fee will be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.
      3. That if a students leave the institute before completing the full course for any reason whatsoever, including transfer of father/mother/ legal guardians / ill health of him/her or any other member of the family or student's admission in any institute/course/engineering/ Medical college etc. or his/her studentship is cancelled because of misconduct etc. then student or his / her Father, mother / legal guardian shall have no claim for refund of fees.
      4. In additions to the above, student / Father/ Mother / legal guardian understands without any ambiguity that the fee once paid is not refundable at all whatever the reasons may be, nor it is adjustable towards any other existing courses at IMPULSE ACADEMY or any yet to be launched & not towards the fee of any other existing or prospective student.
      5. Parents should ensure that cheques including post dated cheques if any, given by them will be honored by their bankers. Inthe events if any of these cheques will be dishonored. Then IMPULSE ACADEMY is at liberty to initiate any action against them including legal proceedings to include invoking provisions of section 138 of Negotiable instruments Act.
      6. It should be Noted that there is Fee Refund Rule at IMPULSE ACADEMY. Once admitted in any course at IMPULSE ACADEMY. No fee will be Refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.
      7. Any legal matter/dispute subjected to Banswara (Rajasthan) jurisdiction only. /li>
  2. General Rules and Regulations (Must be followed by Students & Parents)
      (Terms and Conditions of Admission: Violation may lead to termination of admission & Initiation of suitable legal action)
    1. Admission is granted only for the Course/Module applied for and is non-transferable. Only students with satisfactory performance (as decided by Impulse Academy) will be given admission to the Course/ Module.
    2. IMPULSE ACADEMY reserves the right to refuse or deny admission to anyone without giving any explanation / reason.
    3. Any student found indulging behaviors or indiscipline or unfair means during the class or Tests will be expelled from the institute. Students must maintain a strict discipline. Defaulter students will be restricted from the institute without any refund of fee.
    4. We strongly discourage under-age students riding scooters / motorcycles. Students coming on scooters /motorcycles will have to park their vehicles outside the campus at their own risk. Student coming on bicycles will be provided inside parking facility. Students need to look after their belonging at their own. Impulse Academy will not be responsible for any loss or theft including bicycles.
    5. We strongly discourage students bringing Mobile Phones as Mobiles are prohibited in the classrooms & institute's premises. Any Mobile phone found during inspection will be confiscated & will not be given to students nor to the parents under any circumstances. No request will be entertained inthis regard. However students can use Institute's land-line number in case of an emergency with prior permission of authorities of Impulse academy.
    6. Faculty is available only during the class hours and on problem counters. Student/parents/guardians are advised not to establish any contact with the faculty elsewhere. Appropriate and necessary disciplinary action will be taken against students not following the Rule. Any concern/problem faced by the student should be brought to the notice of the administration.
    7. Students with poor performance will be asked to discontinue the classes. Enrolled students are expected to progress satisfactorily. Any student, whose record falls below the minimum acceptable standard, will be asked to withdraw from the institute. Insuch cases no fee will be refunded.The decision of Director, IMPULSE ACADEMY will be final in this regard. Norequest will be entertained in this regard.
    8. Impulse Academy does not guarantee or provide any assurance of selection into the JEE (Main & Advanced) / AIPMT or any other Engineering or Medical Entrance Examination. No fee will be refunded if a student will not be able to qualify such exam.
    9. The teaching level in these classes will be significantly higher than that of in the school. Hence the performance of a student in these classes may not be compared to that in the school. IMPULSE ACADEMY will not be responsible in any way if the student is unable to cope up academically with the classes or his/her mentally or psychologically upset about his/her performance.
    10. Batches will be awarded to the students only on the basis of Merit.No request for batch change will be entertained. Number of batches and strength will be decided as per discretion of IMPULSE ACADEMY. Classes of a batch will be held at any one of our campuses.
    11. Application-Form, Enrolment-Form without the signature of the parent/ guardian will be invalid and will be rejected without any intimation.
    12. Every student must attend the classes in his / her assigned batch only.
    13. Students must attend the classes & Test series regularly. Student & parents/Guardians will be solely responsible for student's absenteeism (absent) from the classes and Test Series. We do not undertake any responsibility to inform them. However Student missing any Test will be awarded zero marks irrespective of the reason of absence. Attendance is compulsory in all Classes. Student with poor attendance will be asked to discontinue andno fees will be refunded.
    14. Whatever the Homework assigned must be tried sincerely & when asked must be shown during lecture.
    15. The instructions communicated through Notice Board / SMS should be followed in right spirit.
    16. If a student is found to have got admission by way of forged marks sheets, signature of parents etc., his/her admission will be terminated and full fee will be forfeited.
    17. Our course material is exclusively for the use of our bonafide students only. It shall not be redistributed, Sold, loaned or copied. If a student is found to have allowed our study material to be misused, his/her enrolment with IMPULSE ACADEMY will be terminated without any refund of fee and appropriate action will be taken against such student under copy right act. Our decision in such case will be final.
    18. Before takeing admission, read & understand Rules & Regulations, Fee Refund Rules, in the Information Brochure & Enrolment form as we do not have any fee refund policy. Join IMPULSE ACADEMY only if you are Fully satisfied & Agree on these Terms & Conditions and respect the values of our system.
    19. If there is any change inthe syllabus during the academic session, the institute shall make all possible efforts to cover the revised syllabus. However, it will not be binding on the institute and no obligation for any such commitment shall be entertained inany case.
    20. Impulse Academy reserves the right to make additions and alterations in these Rules and Regulations, Working hours. Time -Table and Test Series schedule / Module as may be deemed necessary from time to time without any prior information for the betterment of our students.
    21. These terms and conditions are applicable for all subsequent courses to which the candidate may be offered admission.
    22. In all the matters not covered inabove Rules and Regulations, the decision of The Director, Impulse Academy shall be final and binding to students and their parents / guardians.
    23. Disputes if any, related to any aspect will be under jurisdiction of Banswara (Rajasthan) only.
    Salient Features: THAT MAKE US different from others.
  1. Our value system : Impulse Academy's value system revolves around Truth, Transparency & Commitment. Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. we present us to you what we actually are.
  2. The Quality : We never compromise on Quality. Our sole motive is to give the best out of the best to our students so that they can crack their goal with full Momentum.
  3. Best faculty : We have a pool of IITians, Engineers, Doctors & PGs from reputed universities & colleges having teaching experience more than 5 to 15 years in leading coaching institutes of The Country.
  4. Comprehensive study material : we provide unmatched & the best study material with the support of Internationally known Publishers like Cengage & Arihant.
  5. Personalized Coaching : Individual attention is given to each and every student irrespective of one's standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, this facilitates proper Student-Faculty interaction. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of students even individually if required.
  6. Enabling Infrastructure : We strongly believe in the fact that the environment a student studies is equally important for effective learning, we ensure our students study in an enabling environment in proper classrooms equipped with all amenities to keep them stress free.
  7. The Winning Methodology : Our methodology makes students capable of creatively resolving complex & tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills & parallel thinking process. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize students' output.
  8. We Bridge the gap between School/Board studies & preparation of competitions like JEE (Mains & Advanced) IAIPMT In all the courses at Impulse Academy first we cover the School / Board Syllabus then we move for further height to prepare the students for Competitions, so that every student feels comfort at their Board & School Examinations.
  9. School/Board Preparation :We prepare the students for JEE (Main & Advanced)/AIPMT & Board/School examination simultaneously by+ awakening student's potential at the fullest.